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The Dear Hunter - The Color Spectrum: The Complete Collection $85.00

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The Color Spectrum: The Complete Collection includes:

- 16 page booklet
- Nine 10" Color Vinyl
- Digital Download immediately after purchase

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Track Listing:

1. Never Forgive, Never Forget
2. Filth And Squalor
3. Take More Than You Need
4. This Body

1. I Couldn't Do It Alone
2. A Curse Of Cynicism
3. Deny It All
4. We've Got A Score To Settle

1. Echo
2. Stuck On A Wire, Out On The Fence
3. A Sea of Solid Earth
4. But There's Wolves?

1. She's Always Singing
2. The Dead Dont Starve
3. A Sua Voz
4. Misplaced Devotion

1. Things That Hide Away
2. The Canopy
3. Crow And Cackle
4. The Inheritance

1. Tripping In Triplets
2. Trapdoor
3. What You Said
4. The Collapse Of The Great Tide Cliffs

1. What Time Taught Us
2. Mandala
3. Progress
4. Therma

1. Mr. Malum
2. Lillian
3. Too Late
4. Look Away

1. Home
2. Fall And Flee
3. No God
4. Lost But Not All Gone

Pressing Info

3rd Pressing
Pressed on 9, 10" Solid Color Vinyl
Vinyl colors match their respective EPs in the collection: Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet and White.